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Topics Covered:

  • Firearms Safety and Legal Aspects

  • Weapons Maintenance

  • Gun Handling Fundamentals

  • Basic Marksmanship

  • Self Defense / Shooting Mindset

  • Home Defense

  • Drawing from the Holster

  • Reload Drills

  • Malfunction Drills

  • Dry Fire Drills

  • Various Shooting Positions

  • Barricade Shooting

  • Multiple Target Shooting

  • Strong / Weak Hand Shooting

  • Low Light Shooting Situations

  • Instinctive Shooting Techniques

  • Concealed Carry Techniques

Equipment Required:

Revolver or semi-auto pistol with two pistol magazines (optional), wrap around eye protection, 150 rounds of pistol ammunition, holster and magazine holder, cold / wet weather gear, cleaning kit, ear protection.


To attend this course you must be:

  • At least 21 years of age.

  • Possess a valid State ID or Driver’s License.

  • Not be prohibited by State or Federal Law from legally possessing a firearm.

  • Physically capable of safely and effectively operating a firearm.

  • Registered for the course prior to class date.

Bring To Class:

  • Your unloaded and cased firearm.

  • At least 150 rounds of ammunition.

  • A valid State ID Card or Driver’s License.

  • Reliable personal transportation to and from the range.

Transporting Your Firearm

Students are to bring their unloaded and secured firearms to class. No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom. Double-check and ensure that your firearm is unloaded and secure prior to transporting it.

In order to legally transport your firearm, it must be completely unloaded and in a case with ammunition separate from the firearm.

Fingerprinting For Illinois CCW Permit

The State of Illinois allows licensed fingerprint vendors to conduct fingerprinting services for the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit. Students must have a valid Firearm Owner Identification Card and a State ID Card or Driver’s License in order to utilize this service.  You will not need to be finger printed until ISP produces the Concealed Carry Permit Application on January 5th, 2014.

Program Safety

All students will be expected to follow the instructions of the instructors and staff during the administration of the course. Firearms safety rules will be reviewed with each student, as well as the range rules that apply to all students, regardless of course. Any student that fails to follow the instructions of the instructor or staff, or is otherwise disruptive of class, will immediately be removed from the class.

Students will need to bring a hat with a bill (baseball-type hat) to wear at the range. eye and ear protection will be provided at the range for students who do not have their own.


Course tuition does not include ammunition costs. Purchase ammunition for your handgun before you attend class, and expect to fire 150 rounds. After completing the classroom section of the course, students will drive to a nearby range to complete the live-fire portion of this course.

Students must provide their own transportation to and from the range facility

Instructors will inspect your firearm for proper function and maintenance. No student will be allowed to use any firearm deemed unsafe by an instructor, range officer or armorer. Firearms will be available for use for students who do not bring their own. An additional fee will be charged.

It is important that the student listen carefully to the instructions given by the instructor(s) and range safety officers. Any individual that engages in unsafe behavior or refuses to listen to the staff instructor(s) will immediately be removed from the range and the course.  No refund will be issued.

Important Registration Information

Prospective students for this course must register online or over the phone for the specific class date they wish to attend. This will allow Western Illinois Tactical to ensure seating and class materials for every student. Registration for classes will close the week prior to the beginning of the class. Only students that register online or by phone will have a seat reserved for that class.

Registration is to hold a reserved seat for a student in a specific class, and is not refundable. If a student is unable to attend a course date, the tuition paid may be credited to a different class date or different course. Prospective students will need to pay 50% of the course tuition at the time of registration with no exceptions. (You will forfeit your tuition payment if you decide to cancel within 7 days of your course date however, you are welcome to choose another class date.)  Group rates are available for groups of 15 people or more and we can add an additional class date for them.

***You do not need a valid Firearm Owner Identification Card.***


Accepted Courses for Prior Training: